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Cebu Living Guides - Domestic Help / Maids

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Domestic Help:


One of the advantages of living in a country where the daily wage is so low is that you can afford the luxury of a domestics helpers / maids. The typical salary for a live in maid will be from3,000 monthly, plus the extra food.

I found it quite hard at first to accept having someone in the house to do the daily chores, but after a short time it became the norm and almost a necessity. Just imagine no more washing, ironing, making the beds, tending the garden. To be honest you will always have things you want to do yourself but you can see what I mean.

You will always be greeted by your helper as Sir / Mamme, even if you say just call me Alan, they will call you Sir Alan. Just imagine coming here can give you an instant Knight Hood!.

There is of course a downside to this luxury and it is not the weekly cost, it's the hassle that can be caused by the very people you employ. Let me explain, to get domestic help will normally involve you in contacting an agency and to be honest this normally is where the problems can begin.

Agencies will offer you a number of suitable candidates, more often than not these girls will be around 16-18 years old and it will be their first proper job. Most of the girls will have come from very humble origins and as such will not have much if any experience of working in a proper house. This will mean that you have to give them some very intense training on how to clean, use a washing machine, hoover, cook the list goes on. Bear in mind that the agency told you that all these candidates were fully trained and experienced!.

Ok we have our girl trained in the basics and all is running smoothly for a month or two if your lucky. Then you start to notice that the young lady appears unhappy, on questioning you find she is home sick and wants to leave to go back to mum. So all your hard work has been wasted because believe me you will not stop her from leaving, once she has decided to go that's it.

If only that was the worst of your problems, I know many people who have found that they have lost items from the house normally small items of jewelry, money or food (sometimes all three). It is almost certain that the helper in the house has taken the items but is often very hard to prove. On questioning, the helper will often get very tearful and insist she is innocent of the crime. It has happened to so many people that you must be aware of your potential problems.

On a brighter note the majority of helpers are honest and hard working, many are very capable of keeping your house extremely clean. We have managed to find our helpers through word of mouth and on the whole have been happy.

You will normally have to accept that your helper will want to live in your home, this will mean that you will have to provide a small room and bed for her to use. I have seen some provisions for the maid that would not be suitable for a dog in the UK, please treat the people here with respect and arrange for a decent living space for the girl to live in.

Take your time and trust your own personal judgment and I am sure you will soon be finding your new helper an invaluable asset.

Last Updated: February 13, 2009 15:42

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