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I have included this guide because like me there are other foreigners here that have either their own children or the children of their spouse / girlfriend to consider.


Public schools can be found in almost every Barangay and these schools are generally over subscribed (upwards of 40-50 per class) and very much under funded. In my opinion you should try and send your children to one of the many private schools in Cebu.

You're now thinking "Private School" does this guy think we are made of money! Not at all, you see private schooling here does not mean the same as in the UK. School fees can start from around 20,000Php a year plus books. The schools are not the best in the world but do provide a fairly good standard of education.

To gain entry to any school your child will have to take an assessment test, this usually cost around 500PHP. From this test it will be determined what grade your child will be admitted into.

With a few exceptions private schools still suffer from fairly basic levels of equipment and facilities, however this does not make them bad or incapable of teaching to high standards. If you feel your child is not doing so well you can opt to take them to a private tutor for remedial study. Once again you are only talking a few pounds a week for this.

You can send your child to one of a few International schools in Cebu, and if you can afford it then why not. These schools are modern and the facilities are up to date. I believe however that the fees for such schools are in the region of 5,000Php a month upwards, with Cebu International School costing approx 30,000Php monthly. I cannot afford this option personally but would consider it were money not such an issue.

Schooling here in Cebu is different to what's found in the United Kingdom, I cannot say it's better or worse just different. There appears to be more emphasis on values and the school kids are on the whole much better behaved both inside and outside the school grounds.

Last Updated: February 13, 2009 15:51

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