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Living in Cebu - Healthcare Guides

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Health care in the Philippines is of a reasonably high standard. The hospitals generally have much of the modern equipment found in UK hospitals. I would say however that from my own experiences of hospital treatment here, I have always felt that the Doctors & Nurses do not quite meet the same level of professional competence as their counterparts in the UK. With respect to their friendliness and willingness to help they are miles ahead.

You will have to pay for any medical treatment and should you fall very ill and need to be admitted to hospital you will have to prove your ability to pay before you get any treatment. It is common to have to put down a deposit of around 4 to 5,000Php.

If you are ill and go to hospital you will not normally encounter the all to common sight in the UK of a packed A&E room. Here you pay your money & normally get seen immediately. Although we have to pay here, it's far more preferable than my experiences in the UK, where it took them over 6 hours to treat my very sick 4 year old daughter.

I find medications to be expensive but it depends on what your buying. The flip side I guess is that in the UK you pay the prescription price for a drug even if the actual cost is lower.

When you purchase you medication you have the option to buy only a few of the precribed drugs at a time e.g if you are precribed 30 tablets you can elect to purchase just 1 or any amount up to the precribed amount. This helps you spread the cost a little.

There are numerous diagnostic centers where one can have a multitude of medical test performed. These normally consist of various blood and urine testing. The fees are very reasonable at around 500-600Php for a complete cholesterol test and consultation with the Doctor (as an example). Once again you take the test and within a few hours you get the results. It's great!

Another aspect of medical treatment is of course dental work. Once again there is a big selection of dental clinics and the level of service is exemplary. You normally have state of the art dental equipment and very qualified dentists and technicians. I cannot give you an example of prices at this time but can say that the cost of dental work here would be way lower than the equivalent work done in the UK.

One big advantage the Philippines has over most other countries in Asia is that the Doctors & Nurses speak english. Trying to explain your ailment is not always straight forward, but try doing the same in a hospital where English is not normally spoken.

My advise is to always have enough money available to pay you admission deposit or carry a credit card with you at all times. There are various health care plans here that you can subscribe to. Just remember the treatment is not free but on the whole it is not that expensive when compared to the private hospitals and Doctors in the UK.

Yes this is a third world country but you can have almost all normal medical procedures performed here.

Find below links to Health Care Providers:

Family Health & Dental Plan, Inc.
We Offer Affordable Dental Care to All Filipinos! Family Health & Dental Plan is one of the fastest growing dental benefits companies in the country. With most Filipinos without dental insurance, Family Health & Dental Plan has the vision to make dental insurance an accessible and affordable reality

Provides quality comprehensive health care services to a large number of Filipinos, at a cost that they could afford. Services include hospital confinement, outpatient services, emergency care and dental services

Optimum Health Care System
We've taken a social responsibility.  Your Health. HMO program, ambulatory care, surgical center, 24 hour assistance

Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. 
A medical insurance provider in the Philippines. Includes links to application forms and medical plans and policies.

Last Updated: February 13, 2009 15:45

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