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Comment: Photo taken in the Cebu - Mactan Channel. You can take a small ferry boat from Opon, Lapu Lapu, over to pier 3 Cebu City. Cost is about 25-30p (in British Money)
Cebu Beach Club-b * Like mother like daughter. * 512 x 338 * (44KB)

Cebu Marine Resort * Photo taken at Cebu Marine Beach Resort. A fairly basic place but nice to pop in for a coffee and walk along the jetty, checking out all the different fish swimming around * 512 x 338 * (42KB)

Dumagette-a * The North Pole in Dumagette. Not at cold as the original but me thinks a lot easier to get to * 512 x 338 * (35KB)

Dumagette-b * The Cebu Dumagette ferry or landing craft. I'll let you decide * 512 x 338 * (25KB)

Ferry-a * Pier 3 in Cebu City. Not sure if this little beauty is still in service. Sadly me thinks it is. My advice wait for the next one * 512 x 409 * (34KB)

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Ferry-b.JPG - 512 x 409 - (31KB)
19/11/05 06:47
Ferry-c * Now who left the door open! * 512 x 409 * (21KB)

Flowers * A little more forna and Flora, this is called Bougainvillea, it comes in many varieties and is a spikey as hell. * 512 x 409 * (62KB)

Flying Lessons * This puts a new perspective on learning to fly. I will pass this time * 512 x 384 * (36KB)

Lizard * Lizards everywhere, not all as large as this fella I found lurking at the back of my house * 512 x 409 * (20KB)

Meet the Kids * Did I introduce you to the Kids yet! The subdivision is guarded but they are kind to kids * 512 x 409 * (34KB)

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