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Comment: Now then, Alyssa caught this crab, with the help of her old dad. When it came time to eat our hard earnt gains, she says hands off dad this is mine! Really what is the youth of the world coming to
Ferry-c * Now who left the door open! * 512 x 409 * (21KB)

Flowers * A little more forna and Flora, this is called Bougainvillea, it comes in many varieties and is a spikey as hell. * 512 x 409 * (62KB)

Flying Lessons * This puts a new perspective on learning to fly. I will pass this time * 512 x 384 * (36KB)

Lizard * Lizards everywhere, not all as large as this fella I found lurking at the back of my house * 512 x 409 * (20KB)

Meet the Kids * Did I introduce you to the Kids yet! The subdivision is guarded but they are kind to kids * 512 x 409 * (34KB)

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My Crab.jpg - 512 x 384 - (29KB)
19/11/05 06:51
Pedicab * This is about the slowest form of transport in Cebu. Called the Pedicab they are fun but not to be used to often * 512 x 409 * (36KB)

Snake * Out for a walk with the dog I came across this slithery fellow. In truth it's only about two foot long but the sharp end looked dangerous to me, so I did not hang around * 512 x 409 * (23KB)

Band on the Run * Now then who ordered the band. It's hard to believe that a 5 piece band can fit in (OK on) a tricycle * 512 x 384 * (30KB)

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