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Comment: A view of Olango Island as we head back to Mactan Island our home in paradise (thats what the sales brochure said!)
Island Hopping-b * A veritable aquatic traffic jam * 512 x 338 * (29KB)

Island Hopping-c * Mines bigger than yours, I told them and they just sped off into the distance. I was of course referring to the boat! * 512 x 338 * (29KB)

Island Hopping-d * There are fish in this picture I promise, they may be sort of water colour but they are there. * 512 x 338 * (33KB)

Island Hopping-e * No Mrs, I did not see where your husband went * 512 x 338 * (23KB)

Island Hopping-f * You have heard of meals on wheels, well this is meals on stilts. One of a few floating restaurants around Olango Island * 512 x 338 * (30KB)

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Island Hopping-g.jpg - 512 x 338 - (18KB)
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