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Lapu Lapu Monument-a * The Lapu Lapu Shrine. A nice place to visit. Well kept grounds and some good fresh seafood eateries. * 512 x 409 * (28KB)
Lapu Lapu Monument-e * The grounds are nicely maintained, please leave a little donation in the box * 512 x 409 * (36KB)
Lapu Lapu Monumet-f * Just behind the Shrine is a lagoon, here show at low tide. Nice to visit in the late afternoon with the tide in. * 512 x 409 * (23KB)
Lapu Lapu Monument-b * Another picture of the Shrine, the fellow in front is my brother-in-law Pab * 350 x 530 * (21KB)
Lapu Lapu Monument-d * Now we see Chief Lapu Lapu, well the camera wandered when I saw the girls. My wife and best friend really * 512 x 640 * (48KB)
  Lapu Lapu Monument-a  
  Lapu Lapu Monument-e  
  Lapu Lapu Monumet-f  
  Lapu Lapu Monument-b  
  Lapu Lapu Monument-d  
Lapu Lapu Monument-c * Chief Lapu Lapu wearing what really looks like a diaper (nappy) when you see it in real life. There are some great stories to be told about the old Chief and how he fought off the Spanish * 350 x 530 * (21KB)
  Lapu Lapu Monument-c  
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