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Comment: Chief Lapu Lapu wearing what really looks like a diaper (nappy) when you see it in real life. There are some great stories to be told about the old Chief and how he fought off the Spanish
Lapu Lapu Monument-a * The Lapu Lapu Shrine. A nice place to visit. Well kept grounds and some good fresh seafood eateries. * 512 x 409 * (28KB)

Lapu Lapu Monument-e * The grounds are nicely maintained, please leave a little donation in the box * 512 x 409 * (36KB)

Lapu Lapu Monumet-f * Just behind the Shrine is a lagoon, here show at low tide. Nice to visit in the late afternoon with the tide in. * 512 x 409 * (23KB)

Lapu Lapu Monument-b * Another picture of the Shrine, the fellow in front is my brother-in-law Pab * 350 x 530 * (21KB)

Lapu Lapu Monument-d * Now we see Chief Lapu Lapu, well the camera wandered when I saw the girls. My wife and best friend really * 512 x 640 * (48KB)

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Lapu Lapu Monument-c.jpg - 350 x 530 - (21KB)
13/01/06 09:16
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