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Comment: Plantation bay is a great place to visit, even if only for a day visit. The staff are very friendly and the whole place really feels like paradise (prices are quite high though)
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Plantation Bay-a.JPG - 512 x 409 - (32KB)
19/11/05 06:51
Plantation Bay-b * A view of one of the salt water lagoons * 512 x 409 * (27KB)

Plantation Bay-c * More lagoons and palm trees * 512 x 409 * (33KB)

Plantation Bay-g * Ok boss, this is real fantasy Island stuff. Just pop in for coffee and they will give you a guided tour of the facility (free) * 512 x 384 * (38KB)

Plantation Bay-f * You can always take the horse * 512 x 384 * (40KB)

Plantation Bay-e * The main fresh water lagoon with sunken bar and water slides * 512 x 384 * (29KB)

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