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Magellens Cross-e * The building that houses Magellens Cross. This phot was taken by Image by John Van Dasler (http://home.hetnet.nl/~you1/). Thanks John * 496 x 372 * (33KB)
Magellans Cross-a * Magellens Cross. It's amazing how somthing so small means so much in Philippine History. It was here that the Catholic Faith was planted in the Philippines. Remember Cebu used to be the Capitol of the Philippines * 409 x 512 * (41KB)
Magellans Cross-b * Photo of the roof inside the Magellens Cross building * 512 x 384 * (24KB)
Magellans Cross-c * More of the painted ceiling and a good view of the cross * 512 x 384 * (24KB)
Magellans Cross-d * What another picture, where will it all end * 512 x 384 * (28KB)
  Magellens Cross-e  
  Magellans Cross-a  
  Magellans Cross-b  
  Magellans Cross-c  
  Magellans Cross-d  
Santo Nino-a * The Basilica Minor Del Santo Nino, View of the outside of the Church * 512 x 384 * (37KB)
Santo Nino-b * Basilica Minor Del Santo Nino, a really nice place to visit and wander around. Keep your belongings close at hand, as where there are tourists there are pick pockets as well * 400 x 533 * (39KB)
Santo Nino-c * View inside the Church, showing the alter at the back * 512 x 384 * (32KB)
Santo Nino-d * Light a candle and say a prayer. I found it quite moving at this spot. I am not particularly religious but here I just felt something * 512 x 384 * (28KB)
Santo Nino-e * Another view of the fornt of the Church, the ladies with the umbrellas will try and sell you candles * 512 x 384 * (33KB)
  Santo Nino-a  
  Santo Nino-b  
  Santo Nino-c  
  Santo Nino-d  
  Santo Nino-e  
Santo Nino-f * Another photo taken at the Basilica Minor Del Santo Nino * 512 x 384 * (35KB)
  Santo Nino-f  
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