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Comment: View inside the Church, showing the alter at the back
Magellans Cross-b * Photo of the roof inside the Magellens Cross building * 512 x 384 * (24KB)

Magellans Cross-c * More of the painted ceiling and a good view of the cross * 512 x 384 * (24KB)

Magellans Cross-d * What another picture, where will it all end * 512 x 384 * (28KB)

Santo Nino-a * The Basilica Minor Del Santo Nino, View of the outside of the Church * 512 x 384 * (37KB)

Santo Nino-b * Basilica Minor Del Santo Nino, a really nice place to visit and wander around. Keep your belongings close at hand, as where there are tourists there are pick pockets as well * 400 x 533 * (39KB)

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Santo Nino-c.jpg - 512 x 384 - (32KB)
13/01/06 08:58
Santo Nino-d * Light a candle and say a prayer. I found it quite moving at this spot. I am not particularly religious but here I just felt something * 512 x 384 * (28KB)

Santo Nino-e * Another view of the fornt of the Church, the ladies with the umbrellas will try and sell you candles * 512 x 384 * (33KB)

Santo Nino-f * Another photo taken at the Basilica Minor Del Santo Nino * 512 x 384 * (35KB)

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